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  • Time flies,Huitong company experienced ups and downs。From2009Years5Since its establishment,Her from the registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,Development for now1.63Registered capital of one hundred million yuan,Total assets150One hundred million yuan assets companies,Business scope covers investment in infrastructure and construction、The land level development、The tourism industry、Industrial projects、Real estate development、Sewage treatment、Heating、To generate electricity、Financing services and other industries,The company has linzhou city urban and rural heating co., LTD、The red flag canal dashan grain and oil sales co., LTD、The red flag canal group、The red flag canal city、Linzhou city housing public housing construction investment co., LTD and so on more than 20、Holdings、Equity subsidiary, holding group。

    Creates the great ambition as Jiang Shantian color,Lofty aspiration to write in the spring and autumn and the sun。Huitong company since was established,Linzhou city and the red flag canal always closely around the development of economic and technological development zone,Seriously implement the scientific concept of development,The introduction of modern enterprise management system,Actively participate in the development zone construction of infrastructure,To create state-level economic and technological development zone、Province“The top 10 industrial concentration area”Made a major contribution。

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